WiseTech Academy launches diploma in international logistics

WiseTech Academy, the online training arm of WiseTech Global, has launched the WiseTech diploma of international freight forwarding. “The diploma prepares students around the world for the role of international freight forwarder and covers all aspects of the global movement of cargo, relevant regulatory requirements, and conventions and barriers that impact the flow of trade,” says an official release from WiseTech. The fully online and self-paced format allows students to start and finish at any time throughout the year, the release added. “The high-quality learning experience is delivered via multimedia content that includes interactive tools, videos, quick quizzes and a community forum, all designed to help students synthesise and apply what they have learned.” The total fee for the diploma is AUD $1,024 ($686), the release added. “WiseTech is committed to supporting education and skills development in the logistics industry through affordable and accessible courses designed for professionals who work in global supply chains,” says Tudor Maxwell who leads WiseTech Academy. “The fully online format of the WiseTech diploma allows students flexibility to fit their studies around their work and personal lives, making it ideal for people who are transitioning into the industry or preparing to advance their career in international trade. They do not need to wait for the next student intake or work around scheduled class timetables.”
The diploma includes 16 courses covering various modes of transport within the industry such as sea, air, road, rail and inland waterway, and the combination of these through multimodal transport, logistics, warehousing and distribution. It also addresses safety and security, liability and insurance, global customs practices, handling of dangerous goods and the various technologies that support global trade. Participants can take any of the 16 courses as a standalone course to achieve a Certificate of Attainment and they are awarded the full diploma certificate once they complete all 16 courses, the release added.