Air cargo industry has achieved more in last 4 months than in 4 decades: Saurabh Kumar

Air cargo is a multi decade industry but what we have achieved in last four months is many times of what we have achieved in the last 4-5 decades, says, Saurabh Kumar, CEO, Hyderabad Air Cargo at CargoTalk’s third digital conclave. He says, “Last four months have been a great time for us to think and innovate. If we look at digitalisation, air cargo industry has started talking about new initiatives to reduce paper and to digitalise the processes, four to five years back. However, the process of adoption has been slow. If we compare ourselves with other industries as well, air cargo has been slightly slow in terms of adopting technologies.”
“We started thinking about digitisation in last four months when confinement has not left us with any other option,” adds Kumar.