Uninterrupted Delivery of Medical Essentials Continues from Goa Airport

Airports Authority of India, Goa International Airport and its frontline corona warriors have been playing an active role to combat covid-19 by facilitating the seamless delivery of medical essentials. Goa International Airport has further strengthened its mission to tackle the unprecedented situation created by coviid-19 by seamless supply of medical essentials i.e., Covid vaccines, Fabiflu medicines, covid-19 testing kits and other essentials. Goa Airport has facilitated the movement of Covid Vaccine to the state of Goa in the second phase of pandemic as part of Inbound Cargo and ensured the expeditious exit of consignments and handing over to the Health Authorities in shortest time possible.

1. 13 Boxes of Covid vaccine (COVISHIELD) received from Chennai on 18.04.2021.
2. 9 Boxes of Covid vaccine (COVISHIELD) received from Mumbai on 30.04.2021.
3. 122 Kg of Covid-19 Testing kits received from Delhi on 23.04.2021.

In addition to inbound Cargo, Goa Airport has also played a crucial role in facilitating the supply of Glenmark’s Fabiflu medicines as part of Outbound Cargo to different parts of the country i.e., Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Indore, Nagpur etc. A total of 31,955 Kg of Fabiflu medicines flew from Goa Airport as part of outbound Cargo in the month of April, 2021. Fabiflu is used for the treatment of mild to moderate Covid infected people. Goa despite being smallest state is playing a significant role by being at the forefront in the fight against Covid-19 and Goa International Airport is working as gateway on 24×7 basis.