Trial runs for India-Bangladesh transit cargo ships begins

As part of the trial runs for transhipment of cargo to the North-eastern states using Chattogram and Mongla ports to boost connectivity between the two sides, CJ Darcl Logistics Ltd., flagged off cargo ships to the region. Cargo ships are scheduled to follow Kolkata-Chattogram-Sheola and Tamabil-Chattogram-Kolkata routes as part of the trial run. This is part of a bilateral agreement signed in October 2018 for the transit of goods from India via Chattogram and Mongla ports in Bangladesh (ACMP). The cargo, Steel TMT bars, for the container ships are for Tata Steel Ltd. The trial run may lead the way for regular movement of cargo via Bangladesh ports to Indian North-east region, which will help to lower transportation costs and develop infrastructure in the port region, including creation of direct and indirect employment. The vessel may return to Chattogram Port within three days of its departure. Post unloading, the goods will be sent to Assam by road through the Sheola Land Port in Sylhet.