Tata Motors and Tata Motors Finance Group enter strategic tie-up with Kool-ex Cold Chain

Tata Motors along with Tata Motors Finance Group has entered a strategic tie-up with Kool-ex Cold Chain to supply 200 fully-built reefer trucks manufactured by Tata Motors. The reefer units used for this deal will be built on the popular Tata LPT 1613 MCV trucks and the Tata LPT 2518 Multi-axle truck.
Shyam Mani, Managing Director, Tata Motors Finance Group, says, “As a part of this tie-up, we will not only be providing vehicle financing through Tata Motors Finance (TMFL) but will also provide mezzanine equity financing to the company through Tata Motors Finance Solutions (TMFSL), making this a structured financing deal. We are confident that this complete package will deliver the best for all companies who are a part the deal and will lay a strong foundation for a continued association ahead.”