Stereotypes are now breaking: Ritu Roongta

Since the advent of the logistics sector, it is considered that the nature of work and the amount of time one must put-in is something that only men can handle. And, it is because of this belief that today, even though the supply chain is a very large industry with more than 125 million people working in it, only about 20 per cent of them are women. But the good news is that there is a huge shift in the mindset of the people working in this industry and also among married women and mothers who earlier thought they wouldn’t be able to balance the work pressure since they have many additional responsibilities outside of their careers.
Today, more and more women are stepping out and understanding that it is the need of the hour for them to actively contribute and join the logistics and supply chain companies at all levels. And not just women, nowadays, companies are also actively trying to redress the gender imbalances in the industry and wider opportunities and other benefits are being made available for women which were not available earlier.
With a greater number of women performing extremely well in the logistics sector, the stereotype associated with women working in such a dynamic industry is breaking and more women are now considering to be a part of this massive work sector.
According to the latest study, women have started showing interest in the supply chain sector, and with companies adopting new laws and policies, such as maternity leaves, flexible hours of working etc., to support women at the workplace, it is guaranteed that the percentage of women working in the supply chain and transportation sector will surely increase in the coming future.