Samir H. Mankad awarded the DDP Trailblazer

Samir H. Mankad, CEO & Executive Director, GSEC, was awarded the esteemed DDP Trailblazer. He has been serving the company right from the time of its privatisation in 2004. GSEC is the custodian of cargo in Ahmedabad. Under his leadership, GSEC operates airports at Indore and Visakhapatnam as an O&M operator, while also looking after the domestic cargo terminals at Indore and Raipur. Mankad is a Mechanical Engineer and holds an MBA and has more than 37 years of experience in project management, MIS, systems and logistics. He has served in leading organisations like Bajaj Group, Alembic, Torrent and Adani Group. Mankad also devotes his time in teaching the management subjects in  institutions such as AMA, Nirma University, and more.