Regional Utilisation Module launched to save on logistics cost and enable faster delivery

Increff has recently launched Iris Regional Utilisation (RU) Module to manage e-commerce warehouses. Due to the meteoric rise in online sales and festive offers, the leading e-commerce brands witness the need for technologies like analytic, automation for enhanced customer experiences. This novel solution enables e-commerce brands to intelligently translate deep insights into concrete action points, thereby helping them determine the demand-wise distribution of stock across the country. In fact, by integrating IRIS RU, one of the leading ethnic brands saved ~12% on logistics, thus increasing overall margins and enhanced regional fulfillment by ~30%.

Since its launch, the module has seen high adoption from e-commerce players in the fashion & apparel industry. Moreover, the regional utilisation module delivers four key additional benefits that enable brands to allocate inventory smartly which are faster deliveries for higher marketplace conversions, low rate of returns, smart inventory split across multiple warehouses and significant savings on logistics costs.

“With the increased focus on digitalisation, a well-designed technology-led approach has become the need for e-commerce players to efficiently manage their inventory and warehouse, to tackle the uneven demand-supply dynamics. Increff’s Iris Regional Utilization (RU) module was strategically designed for brands to reduce additional logistic costs and deliver a smooth online delivery journey. We will continue to bring innovative technology tools for brands to help them improve customer experience and enhance their profitability, says Rajul Jain, CEO & Co-Founder, Increff.”