Pickrr to unveil 25 fulfillment centers by end of 2022

With an aim to expand its geographical presence, enable sellers to make swift deliveries to end-consumers, and to promote efficient last-mile deliveries, Pickrr is planning to unveil 25 new fulfillment facilities pan India. “Pickrr Plus Fulfillment centers are a network of tech-enabled establishments strategically positioned in the near vicinity of the end-consumer, enabling more than 90 per cent same-day deliveries at significantly lower freight costs,” said an official company statement. With new fulfillment centers, Pickrr wants to bridge the gap between D2C brands from their end-consumer regardless of the geographical distance. Gaurav Mangla, Co-Founder and CEO said, “The competition between digital-first businesses is increasing, and to build a competitive advantage, they need to serve their customers pan India, on time. By using Pickrr Plus fulfillment facilities, brands can associate with us and grow multi-fold by tapping a diverse range of untapped consumer pools and addressing all the last-mile barriers. Pickrr’s upcoming fulfillment centers will also help D2C brands make their customer experience more frictionless and establish a trust to gain their loyalty.”