Online freight forwarding service makes entry in India

DAMCO has launched Twill (, a new digital freight forwarding service into India. The new easy-to-use online platform provides greater control of shipments by offering instant price quotes and booking, transparency and tracking services, simplified paperwork, and proactive customer care.

“The shipping and logistics industry today is filled with emails, phone calls and document-heavy processes which can lead to huge delays in getting quotes, a lack of flexibility to change routes mid-shipment, and lack of transparency for customers in pricing, location data, and issue resolution. Twill, like the name suggests, is like a tightly woven fabric that consolidates different strands of the supply chain together to make shipping simple. Resonating with the Indian government’s ‘Digital India’ initiative, we truly believe this is the right time to go live in the country, and we’re excited to be paving the way for digitisation in this industry,” shares Troels Stovring, CEO, Twill.