Logistics Policy must focus on federal structure and TFA: Samir Shah

“The draft Logistics Policy seems homogeneous in nature, however, it should keep the federal structure in mind,” says Samir Shah, Partner, JBS Group and Immediate Past Chairman, FFFAI. Shah reiterated that the differences in the country with diversity will have to be accepted. “Simultaneously, there should be separate logistics policies from all state governments as well. The logistics policy will have to be guided by Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), which is a well-structured document for an action plan on enhancing EXIM trade through effective EDI and Single Window Interface for Facilitating Trade (SWIFT) systems,” he added. Shah is also of the opinion that there are procedural errors about the calculation of logistics cost, which has been taken as 13-14 per cent of the GDP. It does not have a scientific basis as far as calculation is concerned, and it should be segregated commodity-wise.