Logistics industry also need acknowledgement for its hard work: Aditya Shah

Talking about the challenges faced by industry when the lockdown was announced, Aditya Shah, Executive Director, V-Trans India, says that the period of end of March and mid of April which was filled with uncertain times, at the CargoTalk’s third digital conclave. He continues, “Business came to a standstill, trucks were stranded, and cargo was held up whether it is road, airport or seaport. However, logistics being such an essential industry for the backbone of the country, it had to bounce back very fast. The government has ensured the delivery of essentials, right from the beginning, and slowly and steadily also enabled the entire ecosystem around essentials. Things have started moving pretty fast for the industry, however, it was filled with challenges; from obtaining local permissions to ensuring the safety of people and also if people are in place to operate. The challenges which we as an industry have faced have been immense but still the resilience and hard work with which each one of us stood up deserves some acknowledgement.”