KredX positions itself as One-Stop solution provider of supply chain financing

KredX, an integrated financial services provider announced its vision of becoming a one-stop solution for supply chain financing for businesses. As a part of this rebranding, the company unveiled a new logo and a revamped website. The company has developed cutting-edge innovative products such as discounting of unpaid invoices etc. that has been fostering India’s fintech ecosystem. “Customers are the core of our business and as a customer-first company, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions as per their requirements,” said Manish Kumar, CEO and Co-founder of KredX. “We realised that our customers wanted us to take a deep-dive into supply chain finance and to become an end-to-end solutions provider that can cater to all aspects of supply chain financing and not just invoice discounting. Therefore, our rebranding initiative is a sincere effort to showcase this change and our commitment to the cause.”
The company offers a host of customisable solutions ranging from enterprise finance to working capital and channel financing solutions for businesses, large and small, operating within the supply chain ecosystem. Recently, the company has also introduced a slew of new products catering to every player in the supply chain ecosystem – Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) for all kinds of online and offline B2B payments, Import – Export Financing with licensing from IFSCA to launch India’s first ITFS platform, and Capvel for enterprises looking to optimise their cash flow while further strengthening the alternative fixed income instruments offerings for investors on the platform.