Jeena & Co. to expand its 3PL warehousing facilities in 2022

Jeena & Co., is geared towards enhancing its 3PL and warehousing offerings in 2022, with the focus on building efficient supply chains. Leveraging their legacy positioning and the access to 7 key warehouses across metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangaluru, Chennai and Kolkata, Jeena & Co. aim to expand their 3PL service offerings to a plethora of sectors, including healthcare, FMCG, E-commerce, and Automobile manufacturing, among others.
The pandemic threw a series of challenges at the logistic and supply chain sectors, forcing the rapid, tech enabled transformation that has led to smarter, more efficient supply chains. Speaking about the vision for their 3PL offerings and the need for modern warehousing, Mr Hector Patel, Board Member, Jeena & Co. said, “Since the advent of the global pandemic, a lot has changed across sectors, including the way logistics and supply chains function. Our new strategy towards 3PL is designed to align with the dynamic need of businesses across the world, starting with our current clients. We are looking forward to enhancing our ability to meet the long term growth plans, and evolving customer needs, while striving to promote greater transparency and seamless operations across the supply chain networks, by leveraging both technology innovations and our deep domain expertise that stems from over 120 years of experience in the business.”