‘Allow seamless cargo movement to avoid huge losses’

BCAS decision to stop cargo movement has affected the whole air freight ecosystem drastically, says C K Govil, Vice President, ACAAI. This decision is due to airports non-compliance with BCAS RA3 Regulations. Transhipment cargo and domestic cargo both suffering hugely, International as well as domestic freighters are going back empty, air freight rates have gone up, dwell time has been increased, sensitive cargo such as perishables lying at the Tarmac unattended for days- all this has created immense pressure on the stakeholders and local exporters, farmers suffering huge losses. This is happening due to non availability of stringent facilities at airports to ensure cargo safety, but there should be a solution – MoCA, AAICLAS and trade should come up with a solution fast to resolve this issue, which is challenging EODB, and the growth of Indian air cargo industry. The trade is suffering huge losses, this is putting India In a bad light internationally.”