Indian Railways build world’s first electrified tunnel to run double-stack container trains

Indian Railways has completed the construction of caving work for the one-kilometre long tunnel of Western Dedicated Freight Corridor (WDFC) through Aravalli mountain range, near Sohna in Haryana. The plan is to ply electric goods train with double-stack containers through it in the next 12 months. Once operational, a double-stack container goods train will be able to run at a speed of more than 100 kmph in this tunnel. The tunnel connects Mewat & Gurugram district of Haryana and negotiates a steep gradient on the uphill and downhill slope of the Aravalli range.
The D-shaped tunnel has a cross-sectional area of 150 square metres to accommodate double line with higher OHE (Over Head Equipment) to enable double stack container movement on WDFC.