Manufacturing can pick up only if logistics costs are reassessed: N Sivasailam

Talking about the optimism on the new manufacturing front in the first digital conclave by CargoTalk, N Sivasailam, Former Special Secretary (Logistics), Department of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce & Industry says, “I see very exciting days ahead.” He continues, “However, let me look at it from the side of an entrepreneur coming from abroad. When an entrepreneur comes, they will look for a complete value chain and a value chain in manufacturing also includes logistics. In India, unfortunately the benefits in manufacturing has been eaten away in logistics and I believe this is the first mindset issue which logistics professionals need to address.”
He adds, “Indian manufacturing or foreign investment for Indian manufacturing can take off but when we make in India, we have to move it as well and the movement is quite a bit costly because every logistics chain, even at the lowest level, constitutes a monopolistic entity.