Indian logistics runs on ingenuity but the newer generation lacks this: Samir J Shah

“We are talking a lot about digitisation but our problems are different,” says, Samir J Shah, Partner, JBS Group of Companies at the first digital conclave by CargoTalk. He continues, “Our problems are that the type of people we have employed over the last many years are people right from the spectrum. For them, English and digitisation is a problem. Apart from facing challenge in continuing the employment of these people, the major issue will be that the newer kids will not have the experience which these people have. The obliquity to solve a problem because logistics solutions to a large extent in India have been jugaad based and that experience is something which the newer kids are not going to have. We have to find something in the middle where we can take full advantage of their experience, retain them as well as hand hold them into being in a position to work under the new schemes.