Holisol launches ‘Verdis Visibility’ for higher level of supply chain performance

Holisol Logistics has launched ‘Verdis Visibility’ to provide complete end-to-end visibility of supply chain processes in terms of the key parameters relevant to the organisation. Verdis Visibility is a part of company’s AI and ML-driven supply chain solutions system. The integrated flow of material and information is captured and easily available in the ‘dashboards’ of Verdis Visibility, in real-time, automated and online manner, enabling monitoring, analysis and quick decision making in the complex supply chains of today.
“Verdis takes a deep dive into the organisation’s wide data (structured & unstructured) to connect the variables and identify a pattern to build the opportunity intelligence to realise its full potential,” says Rahul S Dogar, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Holisol Logistics.