Holisol Logistics launches PPC & DAP to digitalise customers’ supply chain

Holisol Logistics has launched PPC (production planning & control) and DAP (dispatch allocation planning) in order to extend its offering into the customers manufacturing supply chains. The company has been offering full-stack logistics systems like WMS, TMS, OCFS etc to digitalise customers’ supply chain. VERDIS, Holisol’s AI and ML system has added these two additional modules to assist the customer to optimise their production and dispatch planning by analysing demand, sales forecasts, production capacities, rules and planning constraints analysing up to 75m data points to give an output which has helped customers save several million and precious resources involved in the planning process.
Rahul S Dogar, Co-Founder of Holisol Logistics, says, “With PPC and DAP modules, Holisol has ventured into the manufacturing segment of the supply chain and will continue to build an end-to-end value chain system to help customers digitalise and optimise their supply chains.”