COVID-19 has taught us collaboration: Ashok Goyal

“Covid-19 has brought a new change in our lives,” says, Ashok Goyal, Managing Director, BLR Logistiks at the third edition of CargoTalk’s digital conclave. He informs, “When the lockdown started in March, industry got into a very bad shape and everyone was worried about the future. However, we have gone through it well. If we look at last three months, the progress is phenomenal in terms of how economy has picked up and businesses are back to 75 per cent level. Hence, I see no reason why are not we going to grow the way we were growing earlier as we can also see the younger generation taking over the business, especially road transport which is even considered to be a tough one.”
“The crisis has taught us collaboration and has brought everyone closer. We never used to have this kind of unity which we have now and big players are taking help of smaller players in the area where they are not strong” he adds.