Hans Infomatic launches Cargo E-Go digital portal

In a step towards building a ‘Digital Logistics’ marketplace, Hans Infomatic launched Cargo E-Go portal at the recently held Wings 2018. In an industry, which has multiple stakeholders, each specialising in specific services, getting an optimum quality and economical service becomes challenging. It requires multiple communication and manual co-ordination efforts before getting the best possible service. Recognising these challenges and continuing in its pioneering solution offerings to digitally integrate multi-stakeholder processes, Hans Infomatic has developed Cargo E-Go. The platform brings together all key stakeholders in the supply chain, to communicate freely and avail the best service offering from one another. Now, a customer can look forward to exchanging their service requirements to various service providers at the click of a button and get best pricing option. Being a two-way communication platform, it further simplifies the hassles of multiple to and fro manual processing.