‘Gati Shakti, NLP driving infra growth & reducing logistics cost’

Nikhil Agarwal, President, CJ Darcl Logistics says, “The Indian logistics sector is poised for significant growth, with the market expected to see a major transformation. Government initiatives like PM Gati Shakti and NLP are driving this progress by focusing on infrastructure development and reducing logistics costs. This includes projects like Bharatmala (roads), Sagarmala (shipping), Udan (airports), and Dedicated Freight Corridors (rail). India’s logistics journey is still maneuvering its way through infrastructure gaps, limited digitalization requiring increased investment in roads, rails, and supply chain visibility. But, by embracing sustainable practices such as prioritising electric vehicles and green infrastructure development, the government can create a logistics network that’s both efficient and environmentally responsible. We, at CJ DARCL, are committed to devising strategic initiatives and are actively exploring and monitoring our carbon emissions by implementing sustainable practices by deploying electric vehicles as a pilot for short haul intracity/short haul movement and strategically placed warehouses with advanced WMS (warehouse management system) for better allocation and enhanced route optimization. While achieving net zero emissions by 2070 presents an ambitious challenge, India’s booming logistics sector can be a powerful engine for sustainable growth.”