From the pages of CargoTalk: Our infrastructure is way below than what is required: Sobhagya Ranjanpati

Commenting on the agriculture ministry initiatives of creating a cell to drive up investment in cold storages and the food supply chain, Sobhagya Ranjanpati, Managing Director, Knostics Infodel believes, “This initiative was long pending and it is going to affect the country’s economy in a big way. Firstly, it will free up the farm trade from all restrictions by providing a legal framework. Adding the value to primary produce, the coordinated network will streamline the supply chain and transportation of farm goods.”
The infrastructure in our country is way below than what is required. The condition of cold storages is also not what it should be. Cold storages are refrigerated warehouses that can store perishables for up to six months. Refrigerated old stocks can cool food prices in times of scarcity. Presently, there are stock holding limits and with the new cell this issue will be over. Incentives to improve cold storage facilities will bring investment, cut food wastage and smoothen the supply chain.