From the pages of CargoTalk: Logistics industry is running on trust more than processes: Satish Lakkaraju

With going contactless, a lot of movement will get done on trust or faith. Expressing his views on the same, Satish Lakkaraju, Chief Commercial Officer, Agility Global Integrated Logistics, says, “The logistics industry has been running dominantly for ages on the trust factor itself. A freight forwarder today is working with one laptop and internet connectivity; it is only trust with his customers that at the end of the day the cargo will move from point A to point B. There are hardly any contracts. If any customer walks to any freight forwarder, he would follow the process and the documentation but it is more of a trust than processes. It’s up to the associations, freight forwarders and rest of the industry that integrity should be built in the organisation drastically and if we all work as a team and enhance integrity to the greatest extent then trust will further enhance and we can work jointly to make India a market in future for everyone to come. Globally, there is a conception or fear that India is quite painful in ease of doing business but I would surely say that working in India has become much better.”