From the pages of CargoTalk: COVID-19 helps shifting focus from document to data: Amar More

“Over the last half-a-decade, digitisation has been the buzzword in air cargo industry, says, Amar More, CEO, Kale Logistics Solutions, in adding, “It has been the key topic of every conference or seminar. The most common term used during these conferences was ‘dinosaur’: are we a dinosaur in a digital world?”

Calling COVID-19 an accelerator for giving a boost to digitisation, More explains, “It is true that compared to other sectors like automobile, banking and even travel; air cargo has been lagging behind in terms of digitalisation, despite the integrators and the increase of e-commerce. But now we have witnessed that there is a surge in the Cloud-based solutions and platforms. The focus is shifting from documents to data. The infrastructure is there, innovative technology is ready, it’s just a matter of time before we move to data and automate.”