SpiceXpress freighters ensure India’s seamless supply chain amid the pandemic: Sanjiv Gupta

Calling these last two months hectic or challenging, from an airline perspective, would be an understatement, says, Sanjiv Gupta, CEO, SpiceXpress in the CargoTalk’s second digital conclave. He explains, “Our whole business which was based on carrying cargo in the belly of passenger aircraft got completely changed in a day and airlines stopped ferrying travellers from one place to the next. The pandemic has changed the whole scenario. At that time, domestic demand was low; hence, we started working on the international routes because we have seen demand for perishables to the Middle East, medicines and equipment from South East and China. We had a fleet of five dedicated freighters which crisscrossed the global skies carrying vital supplies including perishables, medicines, etc in this global war against COVID-19 pandemic.”
“Now, we are witnessing that domestic demand is picking up,” he adds.