Freight forwarders ensure the supply of cargo around the world: FFFAI & FIATA

FFFAI in association with FIATA has recently organised a webinar to give a global perspective on the consequences of Covid-19 pandemic on the logistics industry. Keynote speakers of this international webinar were AV Vijaykumar, Chairman, FFFAI and Basil Pieterson, President, FIATA. Commenting on the present crisis and challenges owing to Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown Vijaykumar, says, “We will, as have been our approach and past experiences, overcome with no damage. But the reality of the possible damage could inflict on the human life and the human race changed the complexion of handling the pandemic on a global scale.”
Pieterson applauds the inclusion of freight forwarding within many nation’s definitions of essential services. “However, more needs to be done. Greater consistency in global responses, together with the implementation of facilitative measures, are required to ensure the continuance of well functioning supply chains to move essential goods to where they are most needed throughout this crisis and beyond,” he adds.