Driverless vehicles & drones are the new mantras for success: V Raju

Explaining whether India is ready for driverless vehicles and drones, V Raju, Senior Vice President CL – Chemical, Pharma & Food Sector, Avvashya CCI Logistics at at CargoTalk’s fourth digital conclave, “At a moment it seems like a distant dream. But in 1970s or 80s we used to have human labour force working for the loading and unloading of cargo and every single activity was done only by the labour. And, if the labour was not in sufficient numbers the cargo operations used to come to a halt. Unloading a truck used to be dependent through metallic plates or metallic panels which used to rest against the trucks and the cargo used to be slit down those metallic panels. However, today things have gone to the scientific level. The entire planning in warehouse has been done by WMS; we never used to have them in the past. The forklifts, stackers are now battery operated ones; we never used to have even ordinary forklifts. This is how things have changed over a period of time.”