DP World opens a new empty container park at Southampton

The UAE-based port operator, DP World has opened a new empty container park of 46,539 m² at Southampton to extend storage capacity amid the peak pre-Christmas season.
The new facility will be able to hold additional empty containers to strengthen resilience for customers and keep supply chains moving when dwell times at terminals across the United Kingdom (UK) have increased.
Furthermore, the new empty park of US$4 million (£3 million) is part of DP World’s ongoing US$54.3 million (£40 million) investment this year at Britain’s second-largest container terminal.
“We now have 25% more storage capacity at Southampton than before which will enable us to maintain productivity and service levels for the vital next few months and beyond,” noted UK Chief Executive of DP World, Ernst Schulze, who went on to add that volumes can now be switched quickly and easily between locations, giving customers more control over their supply chains and increasing security of supply for critical goods coming into the UK.