Do not limit yourself to stereotypes: Poorvi Kumar

I believe there is tremendous scope for women in this field. With the right resources, guidance and support, every single employee is a business enabler, an asset who can generate value for the company. Women are no different. In my experience, women are dependable, adaptable and work just as hard as their male counterparts. The women in my team put in additional hours to support peak loads just the same as their male colleagues, and it is their combined effort that is driving business growth year on year. In an endeavor to contribute to society, we need to increase the participation of women in the workplace. The empowerment and confidence women develop, transforms their life positively and is something I see every day. The joy and pride they display in their work has far reaching effects on their families as well, collectively improving the quality of life and their pursuit of self-reliance.
To all the women considering a career in supply chain, do not limit yourself to stereotypes and do not conform to a perceived ideal. You alone can define who you want to be.