Courierhome launches Chatbot powered by ALIS

Courierhome has launched its first Chatbot powered by ALIS (Advanced Logistics Intelligence Solution). This new service of Courierhome will help in queries of the users with automatic replies, product demo and much more and which will eventually help in the time management of the company. Chatbot assists users step by step and helps them in answering the customer’s query. As Chatbot do not suffer from the limitation of customer support, it can be available for as many as 1000 customers at the same time. The company is using this technology to provide personal assistant and help to the user and resolving the common issues of a making a booking in the courier platform.
Prateek Sharma, Founder & CEO, Courierhome, say, “Through Chatbot the users will be provided with a conversational UI which is more familiar and efficient. Since visibility is the key in logistics, Chatbots will help the users with real time information and thus this will help us in giving customer satisfaction and engagement”.