CourierHome implements Blockchain & AI

Prateek Sharma, Founder & CEO, CourierHome

To create transparency and digital transformation in the courier industry, CourierHome has necessitated to bring out  ‘Blockchain technology & AI,’ for enabling disruption in the logistics industry. The aim is to create transparency of all documents and transactions across the freight landscape, ultimately, increasing the efficiency, agility and innovation of supply chains. With the implementation of the new-age technologies the entire courier process will get automated, making the process more efficient.


Sushant Kumar, Co-Founder & COO, CourierHome, commented,Today, the application of Blockchain technology is innumerable.  The logistics industry, which is a trillion-dollar industry, is going to alter the landscape of the logistics industry with this revolutionary technology. Seeing the advantages that blockchain brings in logistics, it can prevent frauds, eliminate inaccuracies, increase data security and transparency, improve efficiency, and reduce expenditure.”