CBIC allows eGatepass and OoC copy of Bill of Entry for custom brokers

CBIC has taken a number of measures to facilitate and expedite customs clearance process and making it more contact-less i.e. automated and online as well as paper-less in order to mitigate the unprecedented situation due to Covid-19 pandemic. These measures include the facility to clear goods on the basis of an undertaking (not bond), acceptance of electronic Country of Origin (CoO) certificate etc. These steps also complement the earlier reforms unrolled as a part of ‘Turant Customs’ such as online query module, eSanchit, web based goods registration, electronic processing of DGFT issued licenses, machine release of imported goods based on customs compliance verification and electronic transmission of PDF based first copy of Bill of Entry (BoE) to customs brokers and registered importers.

The aforementioned reforms combine to expedite Customs clearances and reduce the transaction cost. At the same time, Board notes that the specific measures that reduce interface between the Customs authorities and the importers/exporters/Customs Brokers are especially relevant in these challenging times, to tackle the scourge of Covid-19 pandemic. In this direction, Board has now decided to enable electronic communication of PDF based Final eOoC (electronic Out of Charge) copy of BoE and eGatepass to the importers/customs brokers. This electronic communication would reduce interface between the Customs authorities and the importers/customs brokers and also do away with the requirement of taking bulky printouts from the service centre or maintenance of voluminous physical dockets in the customs houses. The Final eOoC copy of BoE and eGatepass copy will be emailed to the concerned customs broker and/or importer, if registered, once the Out of Charge (OoC) is granted.