Blue Dart to implement GPI w.e.f. January 1st, 2024 to boost ops

Blue Dart Express announced its General Price Increase (GPI), effective from January 1st, 2024. The average shipment price increase will be 9.6% as compared to 2023, dependent on the shipping profile. Blue Dart is recognised for its market-leadership in future-ready solutions with exceptional service quality, these standards are also benchmarked by the express logistics providers in the industry. In order to consistently deliver resilient, dependable, and efficient solutions to its valued customers, Blue Dart reviews and adjusts its pricing annually. This adjustment considers a multitude of factors including the current macroeconomic factors, geopolitical tensions, tighter monetary and fiscal policies, inflationary pressures, and exchange rate fluctuations, all of which impact the cost structure, there is a need for a reasonable tariff adjustment. Additionally, the company demonstrates its ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility by reducing CO2 emissions through targeted investments in green transportation technologies, smarter route planning, and clean fuels. Blue Dart has planned significant investments in its IT infrastructure to ensure data security and deliver a world-class user experience, including the introduction of chatbots, a new shipping portal, seamless marketplace plugins, and other initiatives. Elaborating on the announcement, Balfour Manuel, Managing Director, Blue Dart said, “The aftermath of the global disruptions in the last few years has given rise to evolving forms of globalization. As of 2023, we have faced the challenges of a volatile global market, yet we have consistently delivered dependable services to our customer base. Through our annual price adjustment, we are channelling investments into our infrastructure and cutting-edge technology, ensuring the resilience, sustainability, and top-tier customer solutions that define our commitment. This includes advancements in our aviation infrastructure and vehicle fleets, the expansion of our hubs and gateways to meet growing customer demands, and our dedication to sustainable solutions. Our annual rate adjustment primarily aligns with inflation and empowers us to maintain service excellence while addressing rising costs.”

Ketan Kulkarni, Chief Commercial Officer, Blue Dart adds, “Through our annual price adjustments, we can allocate resources toward improving our infrastructure and technology, thereby guaranteeing robust, sustainable, and evolving customer solutions. We consistently refine our systems and procedures to maintain a forward-looking advantage, even when confronted with challenges. Automation and technology have always been fundamental tenets of our operations, not only ensuring customer delight but also enabling us to make conscientious, viable decisions that protect the future for generations to follow.”