APM Terminals Mumbai pioneers Vehicle Booking service

APM Terminals Mumbai has announced a new value added service designed to accelerate and improve turnaround time of freight arriving at the terminal. Titled as Vehicle Booking System (VBS), the service entails the terminal allocating fixed time slots to each Container Freight Station (CFS) every day, whereby the CFS is encouraged to collect its consignment during the time allocated. Once the CFS’ trailers reach the Y-junction at the port complex during the allotted slot, they can approach the terminal through the empty TT lane. The trailers thus skip traffic and enter the yard in a short time. Additionally, the terminal also allocates a dedicated equipment at the yard block for serving these trucks once inside the yard. With CFSs sending their trailers only during allocated slots, the terminal is able to efficiently handle import evacuations avoiding traffic congestion outside its gates.

Shedding light on the project, Ravi Gaitonde, COO, APM Terminals Mumbai, said, “We are constantly investing in improving our offerings to customers and expect Vehicle Booking System to do just that.”

Pioneered and piloted by APM Terminals Mumbai, initially in November 2017, VBS has helped the terminal improve efficiency and overall truck turn-around by 16 per cent.

Sadanand Salian, VP, Allcargo Logistics, said, “GTI has executed a splendid job by implementing the VBS, and together we were able to reduce our truck turn-around time at the terminal by around 40 per cent post implementation.”