Angré Port handles 1,38,000 metric tonnes of cargo amid lockdown

Ensuring the continuity of essential supply chain amid the lockdown Angré Port has handled 1,38,000 tonnes of different types of cargo since March 2020 till date. The port currently supports over 20 large and small local businesses across the state of Maharashtra, ranging from sugar, cement, manufacturing and industry raw materials. Commenting on the development, Eshaan Lazarus, Executive Director, Angré Port, said, “We work as an end-to-end port operator for our clients, ensuring timely and safe movement of their cargo, and helping them optimize their material handling cost. Our performance in H1 2020 has been good, with handling 2,41,000 MT of cargo, and we are aiming for 4,00,000 MT cargo in H2 2020 considering post COVID-19 forecasts.”
The Port is also offering its 300 acres of industrial backup land on competitive lease models to strategic businesses such as mega warehouses, port-based industries, logistics, tank terminals, and business parks.