‘AI will reduce cost, enhance efficiency, safety’

Vikram Kumar, Honorary Secretary General, ACAAI and Director, CTC Air Carriers elaborates on upcoming 47th ACAAI convention theme ‘AI The Game Changer – Embracing the Intelligent Future.’ He said, “AI can help to improve efficiency and Productivity. AI can help in Route Optimisation and Automated Cargo handling through smart devices. There can be significant cost reductions due to fuel efficiencies and predictive maintenance reducing downtime of aircraft and ensuring continuous supply.
Safety and security can also be enhanced through predictive technologies. AI based Profiling, screening and risk management can mitigate risks associated with air transportation, enhancing safety and reliability.
Good quality AI that can analyze vast amounts of data accurately can optimise capacity planning and resource allocation. The quality of data can also help automate customs and port processes and ensure higher compliance.
Customer service is an area where AI has already shown its importance and chat bots can provide real time tracking, bookings and end to end visibility for sensitive products with IOT providing continuous data automated and presented to improve customer experience.

The implementation of AI at multiple points in the supply chain can offer significant benefits, but it also comes with several challenges.
AI relies heavily on data, and inconsistent or poor-quality data can lead to inaccurate results. Standardizing data formats and ensuring data quality can be a significant challenge, especially when dealing with data from multiple sources. Sharing data across the supply chain can raise concerns about data privacy and security.