‘AI predicts demand, reduce inefficiencies’

Parvinder Singh, Managing Director, Hans Infomatic says, “AI is poised to bring about a profound transformation in the air cargo sector by leveraging its capabilities across various aspects of the industry. Predictive analytics, for instance, will empower companies to anticipate demand fluctuations more accurately, enabling them to allocate resources and plan routes more effectively. This will not only reduce the transit times but will also lower the operational costs. One of AI’s most significant contributions is in demand forecasting. By analyzing historical data and current trends, AI can predict demand patterns more precisely, preventing overstocking or understocking of goods. Real-time monitoring powered by AI ensures that cargo is tracked throughout its journey, allowing companies to promptly address any deviations from the planned route, ensuring timely deliveries and enhancing customer satisfaction. The data-driven insights offered by AI foster smarter decision-making in capacity planning and risk management. With accurate information at their fingertips, companies can adjust their operations to accommodate fluctuations in demand, thereby reducing waste and inefficiencies.”