‘AFS to promote EODB, reduce congestion and dwell time’

Vaibhav Vohra, Managing Director, Continental Carriers talked about the benefits of Air Freight Stations (AFS) and services offered by its first Greenfield air freight stations near IGI airport, and how such facilities promote EODB and remove congestion and dwell time. He highlighted, carting order management, truck docks for loading/off loading cargo, availability of customs officials with online ICEGATE connection, customs processing/ clearance, palletization and containerization facility as key services. He also focused on navigating complexities of logistics infrastructure and cross-border services and highlighted few challenges which the freight forwarders face at the terminals like congestion, complex documentation, regulatory compliance, labour management, security measures, coordination and infra limitations.
Continental Carriers Group of Companies is set to open one of India’s first Greenfield air freight stations, where Customs Clearance, Cargo Consolidation, and Palletization will all take place at the AFS facility, and goods will be delivered in pallets ready to load on planes at Delhi International Airport.