WestJet Cargo, Awesome Cargo partner to transform air cargo business

WestJet Cargo unveils a strategic arrangement operating on behalf of Awesome Cargo, a rising star in the Mexican air freight industry. This collaboration represents a groundbreaking venture, connecting Awesome’s Cargo NLU hub with North America. Kirsten De Bruijn, SVP Cargo of WestJet, says, “This collaboration brings together two visionary cargo airlines, weaving our strengths into an innovative tapestry of enhanced services for Awesome’s Cargo customers. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Awesome Cargo, unlocking endless possibilities for both organizations and setting new standards in the industry.” Initiated by a longstanding industry relationship, a testament to their shared vision and past triumphs in collaborative ventures. Awesome Cargo secured its Air Operator Certificate (AOC) from Mexico’s Federal Civil Aviation Agency (AFAC) on October 13 of this year. The airline strategically operates from NLU Airport (Felipe Angeles) in Mexico City. Awesome Cargo aims to become a pivotal partner in the North American and Latin American region through its NLU hub. Less than a month into its inception Awesome Cargo operated 17 missions bringing over 800 tons of humanitarian aid into Acapulco, which demonstrates the DNA of the airline and its commitment to its community. Luis Ramos, CEO of Awesome Cargo, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “This partnership is a significant milestone for Awesome Cargo. By uniting forces with WestJet Cargo, we not only expand our reach into North America but also contribute to the evolution of air cargo transport in the region. Our shared values and commitment to excellence make this collaboration a dynamic force in the industry.”