We have realised the importance of logistics during COVID times: Pawan Kumar Agarwal

While giving keynote on building future ready logistics network for the country at the IAMAI 15th India Digital Summit, Pawan Kumar Agarwal, Special Secretary, Logistics, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, GOI, said, “Logistics and supply chain are omnipresent issues across the sectors but we realised their importance during COVID times. Unified laws across the different modes of transport is completed by the government however process on streamlining and backend system enabling are currently underway.” Agarwal stressed that use of technology in logistics is a very important area and perhaps, one area where lot of work needs to be done. “Different departments are already working towards systems and initiatives in this direction and moving forward the idea is to merge all these individual system and build a logistics data stand which can be used by new age companies to give market solutions”, he said.