Trusted technology for shipping lines and shipyards

AVEVA offers a complete suite of technology solutions that enable shipyards become more agile, while shipping lines can better share and analyse data from ship to shore, explains Herve Lours, Vice President – Marine, AVEVA. It is a $1.6 billion software company listed on the London Stock Exchange. It’s a leader in industrial software business, primarily focusing on gas, power and marine. AVEVA is also one of the largest software companies in the maritime sector and has some unique capabilities – this is the only software supplier in the maritime world providing a complete software suite for the entire lifecycle, starting from engineering design and moving down to operations of the shipyard and ships as well. Talking about the lifecycle, engineering and design, AVEVA is a leader in this area, with an approximate 60% market share in engineering and design software, which means we are active in most of the important shipyards. AVEVA is also the leader in the shipping sector, providing solutions to ship owners, system integrators and more than 3000 ships are using AVEVA software on-board.