‘Transshipment hubs will speed up EXIM trade’

The establishment of air transport shipment hubs at major Indian airports will have a significant impact on cargo movement in India, says Videh Kumar Jaipuriar, CEO, Delhi International Airport. ‘By streamlining the transshipment process, reducing transit times, and enhancing connectivity, these hubs will make it easier and faster for Indian exporters to reach global markets. This will boost India’s trade competitiveness and contribute to its economic growth. Cross border trade requires an extensive set of documentation, compliance with cross-border procedures, and a number of processes to take the shipment through. These increase the transaction time and cost for importers / exporters. There has been a significant improvement over the past decade in the Customs regulations and processes. Cargo Community Systems at the Air Cargo complexes provide a number of features to the trade community, which streamlines the processes and provides an ease of doing business. DIAL has implemented a series of technology solutions to help the trade with availability of information and an ease of documentation.