TIACA survey highlights importance of sustainability in air cargo, releases industry’s first sustainability report

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) has released the first comprehensive study undertaken on the sustainable transformation of the air cargo industry. As part of TIACA’s Sustainability program, launched in November 2019, the organization performed a widespread industry survey involving supply chain partners from across the globe and from each industry sector and business size. The results have been analyzed and published to form a ‘ground zero’ assessment by which future progress can be measured. The report’s findings will also feed TIACA’s overall sustainability strategy and support enhanced work programs addressing each of the organizations three key areas: People, Planet, Prosperity, supported by innovation and partnership.
“Sustainability is one of the key priority areas for TIACA as the air cargo industry must reflect the global society it serves. We must collectively seek to focus on People, Planet and Prosperity. To flourish in the years to come, we must create equal opportunities for all, embrace technology and innovation and ensure we implement environmentally responsible solutions designed to protect the planet today and for generations to come”, stated Glyn Hughes, TIACA Director General.
The survey found that 63% of respondents believe that sustainability was more important to the industry in 2020 than it was in 2019, despite the Covid-19 outbreak.
Of the various air cargo players, shippers ranked highest, with 87% of them saying that sustainability had increased in importance over the last 12 months.
Respondents were also asked how the outbreak had affected their sustainability programme, with 44% saying it had no impact, 37% saying it had a positive impact and 19% saying its effect was a negative one.