Spoton Logistics enables visibility-driven shipments of Oxygen Concentrators pan India

Spoton Logistics, India’s premier technology, and engineering-driven logistics company have been successfully delivering FDA-approved oxygen concentrators since April 2021. The company stepped forward to enable seamless delivery of one of the most critical medical equipment needed by COVID patients all across India. Despite being time-critical, the delivery of oxygen concentrators is affected by multiple links in the supply chain defining its availability across different cities and regions in the country.
Spoton Logistics is thus focusing on providing real-time visibility into the shipment of oxygen concentrators, also alerting the consumer in advance in case there is an unavoidable delay.
Commenting on the development, Uday Sharma, COO, Spoton Logistics, stated, “To ensure that the demand of oxygen concentrators is effectively met, seamless and well-managed logistics is the key. We need to keenly keep an eye on the mobilization process of such critical equipment which can not only help the affected people but the government too in amplifying the healthcare infrastructure. As a leading player in the industry, Spoton has been proactive in making sure that there is optimum transparency maintained in the delivery process so that the customers can track their shipments in real-time. ”