Shiprocket launches ‘Engage’ to help sellers reduce returns

Underlying its commitment to democratizing e-commerce for sellers and enabling D2C brands to scale, Shiprocket’s Engage is a dedicated post-purchase order processing platform built to allow sellers to scale their e-commerce business through automated workflows and AI-based order analysis for risk scoring. Shiprocket Engage provides a robust customer experience that minimizes the RTO (Return To Origin) rate efficiently and increases profitability for online sellers.
Shiprocket Engage powers the entire post-purchase journey over WhatsApp, enabling sellers to confirm orders, verify and correct addresses, increase prepaid orders, send tracking notifications, and manage NDR flows to collect delivery re-attempt preferences from customers automatically. This leads to sellers’ reduced inbound (tracking-related) and outbound calls (NDR – rescheduling deliveries). Engage automates most of the post-purchase workflows resulting in optimizing the usage of human resources/manual processes.