‘Shipping lines investing in aircraft can boost air cargo growth’

Air cargo is having growth in a slow pace which will continue. Even today major shipping lines are investing heavily in aircraft which is a proof that the Air cargo industry is progressing, said M Afzal Malbarwala, President, ACAAI.
“As in every developing economy, we run the risk of losing the story while building up the plot. Our fast paced growth needs equal focus on the nuances of growth to ensure we build it on well laid foundation pillars of strength, long term sustainment and a forward progressive focus. Growth checklists should mandatorily include development at all stages and not just on the cosmetic buildup. Our forward march should also ensure we do not leave anyone behind. We have been addressing the requirements in a mix of immediate focus as well as long term focus. Some points need to be resolved as early as tomorrow morning while some need discussions and probably include more stakeholders. We are happy with progresses being achieved and are looking to speed up without compromising on the integrity of the issue and the required solution. The issues in question involve our legacy approach, being receptive to change as well as accepting modern methods of technology,” he added.