QR Cargo operates all-female freighter QR8960

Qatar Airways Cargo celebrated a landmark flight as its scheduled Boeing 777 freighter from Doha to Shanghai was operated entirely by a crew made up of women. From the ground staff overseeing and handling the cargo to the flight deck crew operating the flight, this is the first time a Qatar Airways Cargo freighter aircraft has operated with an all-female crew and all-female ground staff. Captain Sarah Abigail Comerford from the United Kingdom, First Officer Edith Mala Diop from France, and First Officer Hedfa Mohammed Al Marri from Qatar operated the flight. The Boeing 777 freighter departed from Doha with 100 tonnes of cargo destined for Shanghai. Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer of Cargo at Qatar Airways Cargo said, “I am proud to have such a diverse workforce within Qatar Airways Cargo. We are committed to promoting gender diversity and that women are equally represented in our workforce, which is why we can proudly say we have almost 50 percent of women in various age groups and roles working globally for Qatar Airways Cargo.”