‘Perfect time for air cargo to ripe & lead’

“The lifeline during the Pandemic was the Air cargo sector. This sector showed it’s resilience; adaptability and strength throughout the crisis. Many new routes and commodities were added to the existing network. With passage of time, the initiatives and lessons learnt may get diluted and forgotten. The theme shall be a continuous reminder to all stakeholders,” says Samir J Shah, Honorary Secretary, ACAAI, while justifying the theme. He adds, “Many airports are expected to become functional in the near future. This coupled with new airlines will increase the penetration of this across the length and breadth of the country. Many exporters; traders; commodities will have the added option of using Air as a mode of transport. Newer entrepreneurs and new commodities will get added. The time is ripe for the sector to take a leadership role here. The issue is not only cost effective – it is also available; usable. As more users use these facilities the other benefits will fall in place.” Talking about the crucial areas of concern which will be addressed at the convention, he highlights, “Private sector partnership with the Government; removal of many redundant regulations and an all round trust regime, will be the core focus areas. The industry needs to attract a large number of young persons for all levels and a new thinking which will emerge from engaging all stake holders.”